A Trusting Heart in Pain

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“For we do not want you to be unaware, brethren, of our affliction which came to us in Asia, that we were burdened excessively, beyond our strength, so that we despaired even of life; indeed, we had the sentence of death within ourselves so that we would not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead.”1

Ministry does not prevent a person from getting discouraged. In my own life, there is pain in my body, pain in my soul, pain in my heart and pain in my family. And pain can do funny things to a person. Apart from the really drastic results, it does lead to discouragement and even to the point of despair.

Paul knew all about pain: from circumstances, from people and from his physical ailments. There was a point that he even despaired of life. What did he do with his pain? Simply stated, but difficult to apply, he trusted the God who raises the dead. No one is more powerful than God. No one help like God can.

In my pain, I need to do what Paul wrote,

“Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me—to keep me from exalting myself! Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.’ Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.”2

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Henry Morris: The Measure of Our Love

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The measure of love is the undeserved, yet gladly offered, substitutionary death of Christ for our sins. Whenever we think the love commandment is demanding too much of us, we should compare our love to His. “For the love of Christ constraineth us [not our love for Him, but His love for us] . . . that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again” (2 Corinthians 5:14-15). “We love him, because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19), and we must live for Him.

Charles Spurgeon: Suffering and the Cross of Christ

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Mark then, Christian, Jesus does not suffer so as to exclude your suffering. He bears a cross, not that you may escape it, but that you may endure it. Christ exempts you from sin, but not from sorrow. Remember that, and expect to suffer.

But let us comfort ourselves with this thought, that in our case, as in Simon’s, it is not our cross, but Christ’s cross which we carry. When you are molested for your piety; when your religion brings the trial of cruel mockings upon you, then remember it is not your cross, it is Christ’s cross; and how delightful is it to carry the cross of our Lord Jesus!

Adrian Rogers: Jesus Overcame Death

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Harry Houdini was an escape artist. They tried all kinds of ways to keep Harry Houdini locked up. They would bury him in a coffin, but he would get out. They would sew him up in canvas bags and throw him in the river, but he would come out. His biographer said he could escape from anything, except your memory. 

Yet there came a day when Harry Houdini died and he did not escape. No trickery there. Harry Houdini did not escape the iron-clad clutches of death. But I want to tell you there was another who died. His name was Jesus, and He made the great escape. Jesus came out of the grave and He arose. Praise God, Jesus is alive! – LWF

Charles Spurgeon: Jesus, Our Scapegoat

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“He was made sin for us;” and, as the substitute for our guilt, bearing our sin upon his shoulders, represented by the cross; we see the great Scapegoat led away by the appointed officers of justice. Beloved, can you feel assured that he carried your sin? As you look at the cross upon his shoulders, does it represent your sin? There is one way by which you can tell whether he carried your sin or not. Have you laid your hand upon his head, confessed your sin, and trusted in him? Then your sin lies not on you; it has all been transferred by blessed imputation to Christ, and he bears it on his shoulder as a load heavier than the cross.

Adrian Rogers: Will the Moral Tide Return?

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When I was a boy in Florida, we lived at the seaside. I love the water and one of the things that always intrigued me as a boy was the changing of the tide. As we’d go out fishing, my brother and I would always be cognizant of the tides because we would come and go by the tides. The tides were important to us.

There are tides in nations too. America saw a tide of revival sweep in twice—in the First and Second Great Awakenings. But today we’ve seen a different tide. At this lowest point, when the tide is as low as it can get, may God grant that we see the tide begin to turn, back the other way, back to decency in America, back to standing up for the unborn.

We need to look up. Only God can help us. We need to confess up and turn from our wicked ways. We need to speak up and we need to stand up for what is right. – Love Worth Finding

Adrian Rogers: The Deceitfulness of Money

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There are many misconceptions and illusions about money. Money can buy some things but not others. It can buy marriage, but it can’t buy love. It can buy four years in college, but it can’t buy an education. Money can hire a doctor, but it can’t make you well. Money can take you almost anywhere except to heaven. It can buy almost anything except happiness. Some people think money means security. But there’s no security in money. It fades away. 

The Bible speaks of the deceitfulness of riches because earthly treasures can be wiped away so easily. Are you putting your trust and hope in things of eternal value? – LWF

Charles Spurgeon: Suffering is God’s Will

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We are told that the Captain of our salvation was made perfect through suffering, therefore we who are sinful, and who are far from being perfect, must not wonder if we are called to pass through suffering too. Shall the head be crowned with thorns, and shall the other members of the body be rocked upon the dainty lap of ease? Must Christ pass through seas of his own blood to win the crown, and are we to walk to heaven dryshod in silver slippers? No, our Master’s experience teaches us that suffering is necessary, and the true-born child of God must not, would not, escape it if he might. But there is one very comforting thought in the fact of Christ’s “being made perfect through suffering”—it is, that he can have complete sympathy with us. “He is not an high priest that cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities.” In this sympathy of Christ we find a sustaining power.

Verse for the Day: Philippians 1:21

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For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. 

YOU said it!

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Then Moses said to the Lord, “See, You say to me, ‘ Bring up this people! ’ But You Yourself have not let me know whom You will send with me. Moreover, You have said, ‘I have known you by name, and you have also found favor in My sight. ’ 13 Now therefore, I pray You, if I have found favor in Your sight, let me know Your ways that I may know You, so that I may find favor in Your sight. Consider too, that this nation is Your people.” 14 And He said, “ My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 32:12-14

Moses says to God “You have said…” Can we not also pray and say to God, “You have said…” We can expect God to make good on His Word because He Himself has said He cannot lie. What God promises, He also promises to keep and to fulfill. Maybe today we need to pray, “As you have said,” and trust God to answer.

Charles Spurgeon: Exalted in Christ

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Be content to live unknown for a little while, and to walk your weary way through the fields of poverty, or up the hills of affliction; for by-and-by you shall reign with Christ, for he has “made us kings and priests unto God, and we shall reign for ever and ever.” Oh!, wonderful thought for the children of God! We have Christ for our glorious representative in heaven’s courts now, and soon he will come and receive us to himself, to be with him there, to behold his glory, and to share his joy.

My Secret Place

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“You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man; You keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues.”1

There is a place that I can go to hide, to be safe, to find comfort, to find strength, to find assurance and to find acceptance. I need that place. This world can be so cruel and people be so heartless. The wounds can run so deep and be so painful.
Where is that place? It is the secret place of God’s presence. I can flee there for Him to hide and protect me. There He heals my wounded soul and broken heart. There I find One who truly cares and loves me. There I can be real without fear. In that secret place of His presence I go often and I thank Him with gratefulness for allowing me, a sinner, washed in the blood, to have access to my soul’s delight.

  1. Psalm 31:20 []
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