Dear Friends,

We are in our second week of camp in Moldova. We saw about 200 children come in the first week and on Thursday night 170 children professed Christ as Savior. Johnny Hook preached; he has been with us for years but is a new preacher for camps. The anointing of the Spirit was obvious in the preaching and in the camp.

The team in Moldova has made many upgrades this year. It is exciting to see our Bible Institute graduates in leadership positions now. They are bringing fresh ideas to the ministry, program, and property. As the founder of the ministry I couldn’t be more pleased.

We are in great need of funds for the summer and desire your prayers that God will supply all the needs of the ministry. It only costs $20 per child/teen to send them to camp. The easiest and quickest way to help would be through our on-line giving at They will hear the Good News that Jesus Saves.

God bless,
Dr. Eric Chapman
EurAsian Baptist Mission
6847 N. 9th Ave., Suite A #332
Pensacola, FL 32504