He split the rocks in the desert and gave them water as abundant as the seas.1

[The psalmist] sees the Israelites crowding around the rock and saying in their hearts, “This cannot last long.” He sees them watching for the supply to fail, as, of course, coming from a rock it must soon do. And then he sees their wild surprise when it dawns on them that the stream is inexhaustible and is fed by channels they know nothing of, from boundless and unfathomable reservoirs. What the people crave for is a drink of water, and God in his mercy gives them their desire. But he fills their cups not from a little cistern but as if from some limitless ocean. And the psalmist knows that that is always true, for whenever the Almighty satisfies his creatures, he gives them drink as abundant as the seas. – George H. Morrison

  1. Psalm 78:15 []