Rogers: The Powerful Word of God

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The Word of God is all-powerful. Satan fears the Word of God. He knows its overcoming power. We must learn to use it against Him. It’s an offensive weapon. Many of us study the Bible, but it’s not enough just to study it, we must learn to employ it. The Word of God is a sword, and it is meant to be used. – Adrian Rogers

Wiersbe: The Book of Your Heart 

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The Bible is the book of our heart. Every time we read a book, watch television, or listen to a speaker, something is being written on our hearts. Let God write His Word on your heart. – Warren Wiersbe 

Henry Morris: The Eternal, Immutable Word

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…The entire physical universe is (literally) “passing away,” heading inexorably downhill toward ultimate death—with one exception! The words of our Bible and its glorious promises are eternal and immutable. ICR

Adrian Rogers: The Bible – The Rock of Our Republic

On June 8, 1845, Andrew Jackson said, “The Bible is the rock upon which our Republic rests.” Just a few years prior, in 1820, another of our forefathers, Daniel Webster, said, “Let us not forget the religious character of our origin.” In the days of our founding fathers, people didn’t quibble about the Bible’s importance. Our forefathers brought hither their high veneration for the Christian religion, being journeyed in its light and labored in its hope. They sought to incorporate, listen to, and infuse its influence through all their institutions: civil, political, and literary. – Love Worth Finding

Arian Rogers: The Spirit and the Word

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Did you know you could read and even memorize the Bible, but if that’s all that happens, it won’t change your life? You are not changed by the words of the Bible but by the Holy Spirit of God, who takes the words and applies them to your heart.  You see, you’ll never learn this book unless God teaches it to you. And it is not enough just simply to read it. You must come to God saying, “Lord, I want to have a controlled, disciplined mind. I want You to teach me.” – LWF

Henry Morris: You Shall Know the Truth

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…If we are His disciples and do continue in His Word, then He makes us a wonderful promise: “Ye shall know the truth.” Literally, this is “come to know the truth.” As true disciples (that is, “learners”), we have His assurance that our continuing studies in His Word will yield an ever-increasing comprehension of God’s created and revealed “truth,” with ever-growing freedom to understand and obey the perfect will of God. – ICR

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