Brown: “Where Now Is Your Carpenter God?”

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When the army of Julian the Apostate was on the march to Persia some of the soldiers got hold of a Christian believer to torment and torture him in brutal sport. After they wearied of it, they looked into his eyes and said to their helpless victim, with infinite scorn in their voices, “Where now is your carpenter God?”
The prisoner looked up through pain, blood, and agony to say, “Where now is my carpenter God? He is building a coffin for your emperor.” – R. Geoffrey Brown

Adrian Rogers: Following God

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“Who knows what marvelous opportunity God has waiting for you if you are sensitive enough to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you right now. Don’t say, ‘Show me what You want me to do; then I’ll decide whether or not to do it.’ Instead, we need to say, ‘I’ll do it—whatever it is. You tell me. If You explain it, fine. If You don’t explain it, fine. But God, I’m going to do it.’ It’s just as bad to run ahead of God as it is to run behind Him. The Bible says that Abraham went out without knowing where God was sending him. Are you ready to travel under sealed orders?” – LWF

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