Wiersbe: True Holiness Is Beautiful

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True holiness is beautiful, and this beauty comes from worship. Did you know that you become like what you worship? If your god is selfish, you become selfish. If your god is ugly, you become ugly. The person who worships money becomes hard. The person who worships pleasure becomes soft. But the person who worships the true and living God becomes beautiful—more and more like Christ. – Warren Wiersbe

Charles Spurgeon: Soldiers of Light 

Put on therefore the “armor of light” (Rom. 13:12). What a grand expression! Helmet of light, breastplate of light, shoes of light—everything of light. What a knight must one be who is clad in light! Like a wall of fire, the Lord’s appearings are around you; there ought to be a special glory of holiness in the midst. That is the position of the righteous, and it furnishes a call to holiness.

Adrian Rogers: Focus, Not on Your Pain, but Your Savior

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Someone has said, “If you are looking for a leader to follow, find someone with a limp.” The wounded in life are those who have learned difficult lessons through suffering. Do not resist the Shepherd’s rod of correction.
Is the wounding painful? Indeed. Does it seem that you will not be able to bear it? Most certainly. Then why would He subject us to such pain? Because you have a Father who loves you so much that He is willing to hurt you to heal you. What you need to focus on is not your pain, but your Savior. God didn’t save you to take you to heaven. That’s a fringe benefit. God saved you to make you holy—as He is holy. – Love Worth Finding

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