MacArthur: The Decline of True Worship

In his book Worship, John MacArthur describes the fallout of the biblical illiteracy that permeates the church today:

“Worship” aims to be as casual and as relaxed as possible, reflecting an easy familiarity with God unbefitting His transcendent majesty. This type of “worship” seems to aim chiefly at making sinners comfortable with the idea of God—purging from our thoughts anything like fear, trembling, reverence, or profound biblical truth. . . .

The decline of true worship in evangelical churches is a troubling sign. It reflects a depreciation of God and a sinful apathy toward His truth among the people of God. Evangelicals have been playing a kind of pop-culture trivial pursuit for decades, and as a result, the evangelical movement has all but lost sight of the glory and grandeur of the One we worship.  – John MacArthur, Worship (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2012), 10-12.

MacArthur: Worship

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Let me explain worship in a simple way. The deeper your understanding of the truth of God, the deeper your understanding of God Himself, the higher your worship goes. Worship is directly correlated to understanding. The richer your theology, the more full your grasp of biblical truth, the more elevated your worship becomes. You don’t have to turn the music on for me to worship.  Low understanding of God—superficial, shallow, understanding of God—leads to shallow, superficial, content-less hysteria. You can whip that up, you can create that kind of frenzy. It has nothing to do with worship; it isn’t worship; it’s not connected to worship; it is sheer hysteria in a mindless expression. You’ve been singing hymns this week. Why? Because there’s rich theology in hymns. We don’t have to go hysterical; we want your mind fully engaged. . . . I don’t need 7-11 choruses, seven words eleven times over. I need to advance the doctrine. I need to advance the richness. I need to deepen the truth and broaden the truth. And hymns have verses, not just five words repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated but never really with the nuances of theology. So, yeah . . . that’s not worship, that’s not even Christian. That’s no different than a rock concert. There’s a lot of ways to manipulate people’s minds, and they have figured out how do that. – John MacArthur

G. Campbell Morgan: Worshipping in Life

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This [church] service is but a pause in which in word and attitude we give expression to life’s inner song. And if there is no such inner song, there is no worship here. The outward acts are the least important parts of our worship. If I have not been worshiping God for the last six days, I cannot worship him this morning. If there has been no song through my life to God, I am not prepared to sing his praise. The worship of the sanctuary is wholly meaningless and valueless except as it is preceded by and prepared for by the worship of the life.

And it is in the service of a life, not specific acts done as apart from the life, not because I teach in Sunday school or preach here, that I worship. I may preach here today and never worship. But because my life is found in his law, is answering his call, responsive to his provision and arrangement, so, almost without knowing it, my life has become a song, a praise, an anthem. So I worship! I join the angels and all nature in worship when I become what God intends I should be.

And so I pray that when the service is over, and Sunday has passed, we may know that in the shop, in the home and marketplace, in all the toil of the commonplaces, we can worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

My Secret Place

“You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man; You keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues.”1

There is a place that I can go to hide, to be safe, to find comfort, to find strength, to find assurance and to find acceptance. I need that place. This world can be so cruel and people be so heartless. The wounds can run so deep and be so painful.
Where is that place? It is the secret place of God’s presence. I can flee there for Him to hide and protect me. There He heals my wounded soul and broken heart. There I find One who truly cares and loves me. There I can be real without fear. In that secret place of His presence I go often and I thank Him with gratefulness for allowing me, a sinner, washed in the blood, to have access to my soul’s delight.

  1. Psalm 31:20 []
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